Yezdi Scrambler maintenance checklist: How to keep it in top shape

Yezdi Scrambler Maintenance Checklist: How To Keep It In Top Shape?

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Get ready to hit the road with the Yezdi Scrambler, the neo-retro motorcycle that's taking India by storm! Designed to handle any riding challenge, from rough terrains to steep hills, the Scrambler is a favourite among motorcycle enthusiasts. With its rugged build and classic style, this motorcycle is sure to turn heads wherever you go.
However, to keep your Yezdi Scrambler running smoothly, regular maintenance and servicing are crucial. That's why we've put together a comprehensive Yezdi Scrambler maintenance checklist to help you stay on top of your motorcycle's upkeep and ensure optimal performance on your adventures. Scrambler maintenance checklist to help you stay on top of your motorcycle's upkeep and ensure optimal performance on your adventures.

1. Keep adequate tyre pressure

It is important to ensure proper maintenance and care to optimize performance and safety. Riding with under-inflated tires can significantly impact the motorcycle's performance and pose a serious safety risk. It can result in decreased fuel economy and potential damage to crucial components, such as the suspension.
Therefore, it's essential to regularly check and maintain the proper air pressure in your Yezdi Scrambler's tires to ensure optimal performance and safe riding. The recommended tyre pressure for Yezdi Scrambler is 29 psi for the front and 31-33 psi for the rear.

3. Pay heed to the chain drive

A dirty, stiff, or dry chain not only looks unsightly but can also cause premature wear on the sprocket and reduce drivetrain efficiency. Typically, it's recommended to lubricate the chain every 800-1000km. However, since Yezdi Scramblers are designed for challenging terrains and long-distance riding, it's essential to keep an eye on the chain's condition.
We recommend lubricating the chain whenever it appears dry, using either a dry or wet chain spray depending on your driving conditions. Make sure to clean the chain thoroughly and let it dry before applying the lubricant.

4. Avoid Hard Revving During Cold

To ensure the longevity of your Yezdi Scrambler's engine, it is essential to follow proper starting procedures, especially during colder weather. Avoid revving the engine hard right after starting, as this can cause excessive engine wear. Instead, let the motorcycle warm up by lightly revving the engine, allowing the lubrication system to circulate the oil throughout the engine.
When you feel the temperature has reached the normal operating region, you are ready to ride your Scrambler.

5. Keep an eye on the engine oil and air filter

Among the critical components that require attention are the engine oil and air filter. Regularly checking the engine oil level and quality, and replacing it as necessary, helps ensure that the engine is well-lubricated and protected from wear and tear. Additionally, a dirty or clogged air filter can significantly affect engine performance and fuel efficiency, so it's essential to clean or replace it regularly.
Regularly checking the engine oil every 2-3 months should be a part of Yezdi Scrambler's servicing and maintenance. In addition, the air filter should be cleaned every couple of months.

Yezdi Scrambler service

Now the most important part of the discussion, as to how often should you get your Yezdi scrambler serviced.
According to the manufacturer, the first service of the Yezdi Scrambler should come after 500 km or, after one month of the date of purchase, whichever comes early. This will usually involve replacing the engine oil and oil filter, inspecting the air filter and brakes, and checking tire pressure and spark plugs.
The recommended interval for subsequent servicing typically falls within the range of every 3,000-5,000 km. However, depending on your motorcycle's make and model, and the service package provided by your dealership, the servicing cost will vary. Reach out to your dealership for a service estimate.


In conclusion, the Yezdi Scrambler is a motorcycle designed for adventure enthusiasts who love long-distance touring. However, to keep your motorcycle in top shape and ensure optimal performance on your adventures, regular maintenance and servicing are crucial.
By following our Yezdi Scrambler maintenance checklist and creating a realistic maintenance plan, you can help your motorcycle age gracefully and maintain its level of performance for years to come.