5 Places to visit during your Ladakh Trip on a Yezdi Roadster

Exploring Ladakh On A Yezdi Roadster: 5 Things To Do On Your Biking Trip

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Ladakh is not for the faint of heart. But adventurous riders seeking to explore rugged and breathtaking landscapes will find the Yezdi Roadster a worthy companion. With its sturdy design paying homage to the iconic brand, the Roadster will not let the adventurer in you down. Let's look at the journeys you can take with this trusty motorcycle on your Ladakh trip.

Things to do in Ladakh on a Biking Trip

Although it may be impossible to cover them all, here are five experiences that should not be missed.

1. Conquer Leh

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you likely crave a Leh Ladakh trip already. A dream route for bold riders, it offers the kind of challenging terrain that the Roadster is built to conquer. Thanks to its exceptional handling and stability, the motorcycle tackles the hairpin bends and steep inclines seamlessly. Its powerful suspension guarantees excellent shock absorption and stability. While you're at it, make sure to pay a visit to the Leh Palace - an ancient palace located in the heart of the city. 

2. Explore the Nubra Valley

A motorcycle trip to Ladakh is incomplete unless you explore Nubra Valley's beautiful landscape and culture. Home to several Buddhist monasteries, the valley lies at a height of 10,000 feet above sea level.
However, what makes it a perfect destination for adventurous souls is the valley's location. Sandwiched between Tibet and Kashmir,
Nubra Valley offers majestic views of the snowcapped Himalayan Ranges. The Yezdi Roadster is perfectly capable of handling the terrain and can even help you go on an off-road adventure. 

3. Enjoy a thrilling ride along Khardung La

Considering your taste for bold and powerful motorcycles, you'll surely love a thrilling ride along one of the world's highest motorable roads - Khardung La. Do you know what's even better? The way to Nubra Valley passes through Khardung La, which is why the latter is known as the "Gateway to Nubra and Shryock Valleys". Designed to deliver a comfortable ride experience, the Yezdi Roadster allows you to enjoy the breathtaking scenic beauty to the fullest. 

4. Visit Namgyal Tsemo Gompa 

Founded in 1430, this monastery is a key attraction for riding to Leh. Not only is it an architectural marvel, but Namgyal Tsemo Gompa also houses a three-storey high gold statue of Maitreya Buddha. The route to this monastery takes you through Khardung La, which means you get to enjoy an exhilarating ride on your Roadster all along. 

5. Ride to Pangong Tso

Finally, do not miss visiting Pangong Tso, also known as the Pangong Lake. This breathtaking lake, with its crystal-clear water and stunning surrounding landscape, offers magnificent views. Located at an altitude of 4225 meters above sea level, this alpine lake is an excellent place to unwind and recharge after an exhilarating ride on your Yezdi Roadster.


A well-planned Ladakh trip on a rugged motorcycle with great off-roading capabilities makes for an unforgettable experience. Bold and muscular, the Yezdi Roadster is built for such thrilling adventures. The impressive power delivery, comfortable ride experience and excellent ergonomics together allow you to make the most of your journey.
Get away from the busy city life to go on a thrilling ride on your trusty
Yezdi Roadster. There couldn't possibly be a better way to rejuvenate your soul than riding to breathtaking destinations like Nubra Valley along Khardung La.