Everything You Need To Know About The Yezdi Adventure: Features And Specifications

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Yezdi has established itself as one of the leading brands in India for affordable and reliable cruiser motorcycles that cater to adventurous riders. Recently launched in 2022, the Yezdi Adventure is a powerful off-roading motorcycle with a starting price of ₹2.16 lakh, offering an incredible riding experience for those looking to explore the roads less travelled.
Yezdi has kept its original features intact, including its inherent ruggedness, retro and stylish design, and power-packed performance. It remains a brand that caters to adventurous riders with its legendary motorcycles. The Yezdi Adventure is a fun and easy-to-ride motorcycle that is ideal for exploring uncharted trails.

Yezdi Adventure: Features and Specifications

Yezdi Adventure is exactly what its name suggests - a powerful motorcycle designed for your next adventure. A quick look at Yezdi Adventure's specifications and features should show you what makes it the best classic motorcycle for this purpose.

1. Excellent suspension to tackle rough terrains

The Yezdi Adventure has been designed to deliver a smooth ride on rugged terrain, thanks to its tailored chassis and powerful suspensions that ensure maximum shock absorption. This makes it the perfect motorcycle for off-road adventures, offering both comfort and thrill without any compromise.


Double Cradle Frame

Front Suspension

Telescopic Forks - 41 mm

Rear Suspension

Mono shock absorber with linkage and 7-step adjustable preload

2. An impressive engine

With an impressive 334 cc engine, the Yezdi Adventure delivers powerful performance, especially when you consider its affordable price. It provides nearly 30 Nm of torque, making it the perfect choice for off-road adventures that require exceptional power.

Engine capacity

334 cc

Max power

30.30 Ps

Max Torque

29.84 Nm

Engine type

Single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled DOHC

Fuel system

Electronic fuel injection system

Bore stroke

81 X 65 mm


6-speed constant mesh

3. Classic and stylish exterior

Yezdi Adventure is an amalgamation of retro and contemporary design elements that evoke nostalgia while maintaining a sleek look. The raised pillion seat ensures comfortable rides for two-up adventures. Speaking of specifications, the Adventure boasts a large 15.5-litre fuel tank, eliminating any worries about refuelling during long offroad journeys.


198 kg


1465 mm

Seat height

815 mm

Fuel tank capacity

15.5 L

Colour variants

Whiteout (Gloss), Slick Silver (Matte), Mambo Black (Matte).

4. Smooth handling and braking

Yezdi Adventure is not just about practical design and a powerful engine, but also exceptional handling that makes it easy to ride. The bike is perfect for tackling winding mountain trails and city traffic. Despite its robust dimensions, the Yezdi Adventure is easy to steer, ensuring a comfortable ride.
Safety is a top priority for
Yezdi, and the Yezdi Adventure is no exception. The motorcycle comes with effective braking systems that ensure a safe ride. Even when braking at high speeds, the bike retains grip and stability, allowing you to stop quickly and smoothly.

Front Brake

Disc brakes with Floating Caliper and ABS

Read Brake

Disc brakes with Floating Caliper and ABS

Front Brake disc size

320 mm

Rear Brake disc size

240 mm

5. Added luggage and navigation features

The Yezdi Adventure is designed to cater to the needs of adventurous riders, and it shows in the motorcycle's features. The bike comes equipped with several options for luggage, making it easy to carry your supplies for long rides. Additionally, the turn-by-turn navigation system ensures that you can explore new territories without the fear of getting lost. With the Yezdi Adventure, you can focus on the journey and let the motorcycle take care of the rest.
With its combination of rugged design, powerful engine, excellent handling, and advanced features, the Yezdi Adventure is indeed a top pick for adventure-seeking riders. Whether you're on smooth roads or rough terrain, this motorcycle can handle it all with ease. It's a perfect reflection of your adventurous spirit, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. So, hop on the Yezdi Adventure and let the road take you on an unforgettable journey.