Biker Brewscape: Experience the joys of motorcycling and coffee brewing

“Biker Brewscape” by Jawa Yezdi: When Motorcycling Magic Meets the Art of Coffee Brewing

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Who hasn't heard of biker cafés? You drop in for a quick sip of steaming hot coffee and meet fellow riders refueling on caffeine. You exchange stories of the open road, before greeting each other goodbye and getting back on your beloved motorcycle.
Coffee has always brought our motorcycling community closer in more ways than one. As riders looking to explore and push the envelope, coffee gives us a sense of familiarity on unknown roads. With a rich and vibrant coffee culture that is ever-growing in India, we could not but help seize the opportunity to bring the Kommuniti closer to their coffee in a one-of-a-kind event: the Biker Brewscape.
At this event, we gave 35 motorcycling enthusiasts a platform to bring out their inner love for coffee brewing. Whether it was pour-over, filter, and aero press, our 35-strong members went through them all to emerge as true coffee connoisseurs!

The Unadulterated Pleasure of Coffee and a Ride Through the Hills

India is Asia's third-largest producer of coffee, and so, we thought to go back to the very roots. During this event, riders from the Kommuniti rode through the picturesque hilly roads of Chande Hills and witnessed the lush greenery, scenic landscapes, and natural beauty of the picturesque farm of ‘Ecoville’. For those of us too used to seeing coffee in cups, it was eye-opening to see the labour of love with which coffee finally makes its way to us.
As riders and enthusiasts, we crave that pure, unadulterated riding experience. We take great care of our motorcycles, and we make sure everything is absolutely perfect before setting off on a ride. Our Biker Brewscape event allowed riders to make a similar connection of love with coffee, as they carefully went through each step in the coffee growing and brewing process. No two cups of coffee have to be similar, just as no two rides are!

The Craft of Brewing and Motorcycling

Just like a ride through the hills, brewing a fresh batch of coffee comes with its own excitement. The aroma of the beans makes us crave the road, while the careful process of grinding and brewing reminds us of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that define a worthy motorcycle. What could be better than a freshly brewed batch of coffee and a ride through the hills!

Experiencing And Learning The Art Of Coffee Brewing

The coffee culture in India is already vibrant. Many in the community are known to carry their coffee-making equipment with them on long rides through open roads. “Biker Brewscape” just allowed the motorcyclists to meet the inner coffee aficionados. Riders learnt about the origins of coffee, various brewing methods, and the three techniques of brewing a coffee blend – pour-over, filter and aero press. This event helped all the riders build a stronger bond by discussing the nuances of motorcycling and coffee brewing with each other, thus deepening the connection they share within the "Jawa Yezdi Kommuniti”.

  Biker Brewscape: A Love Letter to Motorcycling and Coffee

Coffee brewing is an art that is not everyone’s cup of tea (pun intended). Motorcyclists fueling themselves through long leisurely rides on the open road know this better than most. Biker Brewscape brought together motorcycling and coffee brewing, tapping into the rich history of coffee and riding in India and abroad. The experience of pressing fresh beans of coffee to create your own rider fuel is something many in the Kommuniti swear by. With the success of this event, we at Jawa Yezdi motorcycles want to bring this to as many cities as we can, to allow more and more of our Kommuniti members go through this immersive experience.
So grab your French press and some coffee beans, swing one leg over your trusty Jawa Yezdi motorcycle, and hit the open road. Let the smell of coffee and the fresh breeze guide you on the journeys to come.