Uncompromised Safety: Discover the Unique Features of Yezdi Motorcycles

Uncompromised Safety: Discover the Unique Features of Yezdi Motorcycles

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Yezdi Motorcycles: A Balance of Thrill and Safety

At Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles, we've always strived to help bold and passionate motorcyclists enjoy the true essence and thrill of riding. However, the powerful performance of our Yezdi motorcycles goes hand-in-hand with modern safety features.
The balance allows you to push limits and enjoy exhilarating rides without compromising safety. If you are a passionate rider who loves thrilling journeys across open roads and off-road terrains, you may find Yezdi motorcycle safety features relevant to you.

Safety Features of Yezdi Motorcycles

1. Braking

A sophisticated and capable braking system is crucial to your safety, especially when riding at high speeds. In each of the three Yezdi motorcycles, both wheels feature discs with floating callipers, ensuring effective braking performance.
All three Yezdi motorcycles, Yezdi Yezdi Roadster , Scrambler, and Adventure, are equipped with dual-channel ABS. ABS, or anti-lock braking system keeps the wheels from locking up when you brake, preventing your motorcycle from skidding.

2. Handling and Stability

Handling and stability are two of the most important aspects of safety when riding at high speeds or on rugged terrains. Keeping this in mind, we've ensured that all Yezdi Motorcycles remain highly manoeuvrable regardless of their dimensions.
Built for city riding and open roads, Yezdi Roadster can navigate through the traffic effortlessly. Yezdi Scrambler and Yezdi Adventure are stable during off-roading and can tackle rugged terrains effectively.

3. Dimensions and Weight Distribution

Despite their robust dimensions (especially Yezdi Adventure), the Yezdi Yezdi Motorcycles balance and distribute their weight quite well. The seat height and position ensure an even distribution of the rider's weight, enhancing overall safety as you conquer challenging routes.

4. Inherent Ruggedness

The rugged build of these motorcycles complements their ability to push limits, allowing them to traverse difficult terrains. Rest assured that your Yezdi won't break down during your adventures into the unknown.

Other Unique Aspects of Yezdi Motorcycles

  • Unique aesthetics: Be it the Roadster's unique stance or the Scrambler's tuck-and-roll seat, each of the three motorcycles has a unique design.
  • Powerful performance: All three motorcycles provide ample power housed in capable chassis. Yezdi Yezdi Adventure , for instance, generates 30.30 PS of power and 29.84 Nm of torque.
  • Modern features: We have equipped Yezdi motorcycles with a variety of modern features. For instance, their electronic fuel injection systems and liquid-cooled engines have a positive impact on performance. Yezdi Adventure also features a turn-by-turn navigation system.
  • Multiple colour variants: Yezdi Roadster comes in 8 colour variants - Sin Silver, Gallant Grey, Inferno Red, Smoke Grey, Glacial White, Hunter Green, Steel Blue, and Crimson. The Scrambler is available in 7 colour options including three dual-tone designs - Rebel Red, Midnight Blue and Mean Green. You may also choose from three Yezdi adventure colour variants - Mambo Black, Whiteout, and Slick Silver.

Final Thoughts

The safety features of Yezdi motorcycles make them a practical choice for passionate riders seeking a motorcycle to fulfil their craving for adventure and thrill. We at Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles care just as much about safety as we do about powerful performance and off-road capabilities.