Experience the Adventure: Book a Test Ride of the Yezdi Adventure

Experience the Adventure: Book a Test Ride of the Yezdi Adventure

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The Yezdi Adventure is an adventure tourer designed to navigate challenging terrains. It is one motorcycle that can hone your riding skills with its ability to go over varying tarmacs and trails. Here, we highlight what you can expect with a test ride of the Yezdi Adventure and how you should request one:


The functional design of the Yezdi Yezdi Adventure includes a rounded headlamp, tail lamp, and turn indicators, along with a tubular jerry that can be mounted around the fuel tank and the pannier holders at the back.
The off-road-spec tyres, spoke wheels, upswept exhaust, tubular engine guard, and aluminium bash plate below the engine further affirm the Yezdi Adventure’s off-road credentials.
We have also equipped the motorcycle with new-age features like all-LED illumination for the lights and a full-LCD instrument console which also packs in a navigation unit. The colour variants of the Yezdi Adventure – Gloss Whiteout, Matte Slick Silver, and Matte Mambo Black – accentuate its purposeful look further.


After taking a thorough look at the Yezdi Adventure, the next thing you should experience is the performance offered by its single-cylinder, liquid-cooled 334cc engine. The maximum power output of 30.3 PS and the peak torque output of 29.84 Nm look good on the spec sheet, and they feel impressive once you hit the tarmac with the motorcycle.
Here, the Adventure feels lively due to the significant torque available in the low-end RPM range and midrange, where it performs well with its pulling power.

Flexibility In Varying Riding Conditions

Being an authentic off-road motorcycle, the Yezdi Adventure has a tall stance, high ground clearance, and long travel suspension setup – telescopic forks at the front and mono-shock at the rear.
Along with off-road spec tube-type tyres – 90/90-21 front and 130/80-17 rear, all these elements make the Yezdi Adventure reflect the go-anywhere ability in its visual appeal on varying terrains. Riding it on a long highway stretch or an off-road trail is an experience you should feel in a thorough Yezdi Adventure test ride.

Booking a Yezdi Adventure Test Ride

You can book a Yezdi Adventure test ride at a dealership near you with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit Yezdi https://www.yezdi.com/ and click on the Test Ride option at the top.
  • Step 2: Select Yezdi Adventure as the model
  • Step 3: Select your state and city, followed by the dealership of your choice. Any of our authorized dealerships would be a good choice, but feel free to evaluate your options.
  • Step 4: Select the date for the test ride and enter your name and contact details.
  • Step 5: Click on "Book test ride" and enter the one-time password (OTP) sent to the phone number you provided to proceed with the booking.

You may thus book a test ride with a few clicks in the comfort of your home. We wish you the best on your motorcycling journey with our adventure tourer, the Yezdi Adventure, and hope to welcome you to our community of riders soon.